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Uh.. huh
Uh.. huh
Well hello and welcome to Souls (aka Daniel for those who know) Tumblr.
Where ill be posting art, or just random stuff.
Meh depends on how my day goes really.
This'll also be current home of my small little creation Lost Demon.
Age: 19
Skype: soulsdeath87
DeviantArt: Soulsdeath87

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I have a shiny cacnea
and it’s beautiful
and it’s mINE I LOVE IT


Our first video is up and running :D

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So new Smash Bros. pics just released….

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this is important to me


this is important to me

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I don’t think I have you on Gaia actually. ;u ;

woops ;v;
I am souls_death87

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bandiit replied to your post “bandiit replied to your post:the current state of gaia’s marketplace…”

Tomorrow I’ll go though my things since I need to clean out the inv. anyway and see if there’s anything I can give you. (Can’t today ‘cause I gotta sleep then study.) ‘Till then~

no worries bandit :D
you study well now - v -

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It’s amazing the prices people are asking for the strangest things.

the abuse of the system is a little much :U

YEAH. If there was anything you’re questing I can definitely help you out. I hope? I just got back into it a few days and bought some of the gold rigs that killed the economy. But yeah. Getting back in there…

if yo uguys have something to get rid of this dang tail I have had for years
. - .

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fateful-wings replied to your post “the current state of gaia’s marketplace is just wow”

Oh lord, the inflation in there and even forum shops has made the place damn near impossible to do things. Though, tell me if you want something. I’m sitting on a bit of gold and I’m too lazy to spend it on myself.

I’m just mostly surprised how easily I could sell one item and just suddenly gain 2 mill like jesus christ

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the current state of gaia’s marketplace is just

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